Hey there! My name is Maxine, and I’m a twenty-year-old human girl.

Welcome to my blog corner of the interwebz! I’m afraid I can’t give you a short and catchy summary of what goes on here, because I am not entirely sure of what goes on here. Maybe somewhere down the line this will have a cohesive and marketable theme – but right now the theme is just me.

Some things that I am generally always into (and therefore might be rambling about here) include: nail polish; intersectional feminism; potatoes in any shape, size, and form; cats; dogs; prairie dogs; raccoons; capybaras; pandas; so just all fluffy mammals really; overusing semi-colons; stalking Aimee Song on Instagram; sales at Madewell; staying hydrated; solid mental health; traveling anywhere/everywhere; the Gap Kids Boys section; and awkward dad dance moves.

So now you have a little bit more of an idea of what you’re getting yourself into, and maybe what you’re getting yourself out of if you X out of the page now lol. In any case, thanks so much for stopping by! My email is linked up above, so feel free to shoot me one or leave me a comment; you can definitely email just to tell me how much prettier my cat Watson is compared to me. (I’d agree with you on that one.)


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